Lost Ocean Platinum Cuttlefish Cast Ring

Lost Ocean Platinum Cuttlefish Cast Ring

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- Rough Cuttlefish Cast Ring

- Recycled Platinum, 18 or 24ct Gold

- Handcrafted in Byron bay

A hand carved form is crafted in wax, then cast in my own custom style using Cuttle Fish bone, one of the oldest casting methods in history.

Every ring is one of a kind, showing the unique texture of the cuttlefish.

Ring is chunky and heavy, very comfy forms and angles and a pleasure to wear, customisation fully welcome, send me a message with requests :)

24ct gold is softer and will wear quicker over time, 18ct will be stronger and harder wearing for those with a hardier lifestyle.

Platinum is strong as iron and lasts incredibly well.

The ring will come in a special timber box made just for this particular ring, perfect as a gift or as general storage when the ring is not in use.

Send me a message for any custom requests or questions that you may have.

Handcrafted in Byron bay


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