24ct Golden Glow Helix Rosewood Tonewood Ring

24ct Golden Glow Helix Rosewood Tonewood Ring

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- Helix Pattern Gold and Turquoise

- Glows in the Dark!

- Sustainable Recycled Tonewood

- Handmade in Byron bay

Think sustainable and try a recycled tonewood ring, handmade from the finest exotic tonewoods. Ring shown is a stunning outback rosewood, other timbers available, contact today for options.

This ring features an inlaid helix pattern of 18ct Rose Gold or 24ct Yellow Gold crossing over turquoise mixed with glow powder.

Only the finest off-cuts of exotic tonewoods used to make acoustic guitars in my family studio make their way onto your hand.

Made from planing ultra thin shavings with a Japanese plane, I coil over 10 lamination's of the tonewood onto a form, before saturating with a strong adhesive.

Thanks to the bentwood method, the wood grain is running the full circumference of the ring. This strength doubled with the lamination's creates a ring that is very strong and crush resistant.

Once the ring has been formed, channels are carved by hand and materials of your choice inlaid and adhered, before final sand and finish.

Slow cure resin is built up in layers, waterproofing the ring and providing long lasting protection.

Depending on the life conditions of the ring, the finish may require refinishing in the future.

The ring will come in a special timber box made just for this particular ring, perfect as a gift or as general storage when the ring is not in use.

Feel free to converse with me for any enquiries on customisation at all. let's make your dream a reality today :)


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