Argentium Silver Moon Elvish Rosewood Bentwood Ring

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Argentium Silver Moon Elvish Rosewood Bentwood Ring

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Inspired by Tolkien's Elves and their eternal love of the stars.

This listing is for a wearable natural bentwood ring made from beautifully grained Rosewood in a traditional style. Ring shown is approx 8mm wide. Any size and width available. Perfect for a gift, or wedding ring, male or female.

This ring features a inlaid Moon and Stars of Argentium Silver containing germanium, which makes it hypoallergenic to those sensitive to the copper content in sterling, and also does not tarnish. An ecological product that is the perfect complement to sustainable timber. milled in Australia. This pattern perfectly matches the dark hues swirling in the fine Rosewood body of this piece.

All rings are made to order by hand using the traditional bentwood ring method. Only hand tools are used to finely handcraft this item over many careful hours. Bentwood rings are extremely durable and strong. This is achieved by the natural straight grain of the chosen wood running the complete circumference of the ring, which generates zero weak points at all.
Sanded by hand to an extremely high polish and then finished with several coats of the highest quality acrylate finish, the ring is then polished by hand using local beeswax from Byron bay.
Due to the quality finish the ring is completely waterproof and strong enough for any adventure, safe to wear in the surf or washing up.

All rings are made to size so please tell me the exact ring size that you require. For best results please get a professional jeweller to size your desired ring finger in the evening to late afternoon two weeks apart in order to ensure the greatest accuracy in sizing.

The ring will come in a special timber box made just for this particular ring, perfect as a gift or as general storage when the ring is not in use.

Making the ring perfect for you will take between 4-6 weeks to your exact ring size and preferred width. 8-10mm width is suitable for men, and 3-5mm thin is suitable for women.

Feel free to converse with me for any enquiries on customisation at all. let's make your dream a reality today :)

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