9ct Golden Glow Turquoise Wave.jpg
Golden Glow Turquoise Wave Ring
from 1,200.00
Ocean Rose Wave.jpg
Ocean Rosewood Wave Paua Shell Bentwood Ring
from 400.00
Mokume Gane Front.jpg
Liquid Flow Rose Gold & Argentium Silver Mokume Gane Ring
from 1,250.00
Gold/Silver Fusion Ouroboros Ring
Argentium Spiral Stacker Ring
Viking Rune Stacker Ring
DSC00004 copy.jpg
Lunar Phase Ring Set
Thin Silver Channel Cocobolo Ring.jpg
Rosewood Inlay Sterling Silver Ring
from 300.00
Ocean Abalone Silver Ring
from 500.00
Ocean Wave Paua Ablone Ebony Flat.jpg
Ocean Wave Paua Shell Ebony Bentwood Ring
from 400.00
Silver Wave Mahogany.jpg
Platinum Wave Bentwood Ring
Ebony RGAS Spiral.jpg
Ebony Rose Gold & Silver/Platinum Inlay Bentwood Ring
from 1,300.00
Golden Rune Rng Rosewood.jpg
Rosewood Rose Gold Rune Bentwood Ring
from 750.00
Silver Cedar Rune Ring.jpg
Aus Red Cedar Silver Rune Bentwood Ring
from 350.00
Rune Signet Ring.jpg
Rosewood Viking Signet Bentwood Ring
from 250.00
Silver Sea Helix Ring
from 800.00
Rosewood Golden Turquoise Helix.jpg
Golden Glow Helix Rosewood Bentwood Ring
from 1,200.00
Rosewood Platinum Line Ring.jpg
Platinum Inlay Rosewood Bentwood Ring
Brazilian Rosewood Golden Wave Set.jpg
Golden Wave Brazilian Rosewood Bentwood Ring
from 850.00
Purple Helix.jpg
Purple Helix Bentwood Ring
from 800.00
Rosewood Gold Ring New1.jpg
Outback Rosewood & Rose Gold Inlay Bentwood Ring
from 625.00
Cocobolo Rose Gold.jpg
Cocobolo Rose Gold Bentwood Ring
from 625.00
Meteorite Argentium Silver/Platinum Maple/Ash Bentwood Ring
from 550.00
Argentium Silver Wave Rosewood Bentwood Ring
from 450.00
Malachite & Argentium Silver Inlay Bentwood Ring
Sterling Silver Purple Agate.jpg
Purple Agate Inlay Sterling Silver Ring
Sterling Silver Turquoise.jpg
Luminescent Turquoise Inlay Sterling Silver Ring
Wide Silver Rosewood Ring.jpg
Rosewood Wide Argentium Silver Inlay Bentwood Ring
from 350.00
Rosewood Turquoise Wave.jpg
Luminescent Turquoise Wave Inlay Rosewood Bentwood Ring
from 350.00
Argentium Silver Moon Elvish Rosewood Bentwood Ring
from 300.00
Silver River Oak.jpg
Argentium Silver Inlay River Oak Bentwood Ring
from 300.00
Sterling Silver Textured.jpg
Hammered Sterling Silver Ring
from 280.00
Rosewood Turquoise.jpg
Luminescent Turquoise Inlay Rosewood Bentwood Ring
from 250.00
River Oak Abalone.jpg
River Oak Abalone Inlay Bentwood Ring
from 250.00
Malachite Rosewood.jpg
Rosewood & Malcahite Bentwood Ring
from 250.00
Ziricote Turquoise and Jasper.jpg
Ebony Turquoise & Jasper Inlay Bentwood Ring
from 250.00
Brass and Malachite Maple.jpg
QLD Maple Brass & Malachite Inlay Bentwood Ring
from 250.00
Ouroboros Silver Ash Bentwood Ring
from 200.00
Rosewood String Inlay.jpg
Rosewood Guitar String Inlay Bentwood Ring
from 180.00
Brass Coil Rosewood Ring.jpg
Rosewood Coiled Brass Inlay Bentwood Ring
from 200.00
Tasmanian Blackwood String Inlay.jpg
Rosewood Bass String Offset Inlay Bentwood Ring
from 180.00
Maple Guitar String Inlay.jpg
Maple Guitar String Inlay Bentwood Ring
from 180.00
Zebrano Bentwood Ring
from 150.00
Silky Oak Bentwood Ring
from 150.00
Sycamore Bentwood Ring
from 150.00
QLD Walnut.jpg
QLD Walnut Bentwood Ring
from 150.00
Purple Heart.jpg
Purpleheart Bentwood Ring
from 150.00
Outback Rosewood Bentwood Ring
from 150.00
Aus Red Cedar.jpg
Australian Red Cedar Bentwood Ring
from 150.00
Cocobolo Rosewood Bentwood Ring
from 150.00
Resin Ring.jpg
Recycled Surfboard Resin Ring
from 150.00
Rough Diamond Rose Ring
from 850.00
LunaSea Paua Argentium Ring