Viking Grimoire

Viking Grimoire

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'HELM OF AWE' Ægishjálmr Symbol

Handcrafted to order

- Burnt design of the Helm of Awe surrounded by Elder Futhark Runes.

- Sustainable local Cow leather.

- Available in a range of dyed colours (see dye chart)

- 200 pages of 100% recycled 105gsm speckled vellum.

- Crossover custom longstitch binding in hemp thread.

This listing is for a handmade Viking inspired leather journal, the perfect place to write your tales or spells, to explore runic lore and get lost drawing unique things.

The central symbol has been burnt in with a pyrography pen with no stencil, just by eye. The central symbol is called the 'Helm of Awe' or Ægishjálmr an ancient viking symbol of power, strength, and fear. The great serpent Fafnir attributes his overwhelming power to the Helm of Awe, as spoken in the Poetic Edda 'Fáfnismál'.

The Helm of Awe
I wore before the sons of men
In defense of my treasure;
Amongst all, I alone was strong,
I thought to myself,
For I found no power a match for my own.

Surrounding the Helm of Awe symbol, I have inscribed runic text from the elder futhark rune set, each rune holds power and can be used conjunctively to attribute additional power. This text can be customised, if you have a sentence you would like transcribed, let me know when ordering.

The leather edges are burnished and the cover will be coated with a gloss finish to protect the leather, then conditioned with my unique blend of Byron balm, a mix of local oils and beeswax specifically designed to protect and nourish the leather. A tin is included with your journal.

Bound in a traditionally accurate longstitch binding of waxed natural hemp thread, the X pattern is striking and complements the symbols on the cover. The closure is a solid brass stud.
Within the journal is an ample 200 pages of 100% recycled 105gsm speckled vellum. The finest grade paper available made in Australia, it takes inks wonderfully with little to no bleed. See my range of writing ink and pens in my store for a matched set.

Handmade in Byron bay from sustainably sourced local materials, your journal will be custom made to order over 2-3 weeks, contact for up to date production times and even the most strange custom requests, let my designs inspire you to be creative, I adore making custom pieces so let your mind wander.
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handmade to order.

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