QLD Walnut & Moo Leather Journal

QLD Walnut & Moo Leather Journal

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- Sustainable Cow Leather Bonded to QLD Walnut Veneer.

- 120 pgs of FSC certified 100% recycled Aus made 110gsm paper.

- Lies flat on any page.

- Solid Brass Hardware

- Handmade in Byron bay for 100% Sustainable materials.

This listing is for a journal made with sustainably sourced QLD Walnut veneer, which has been bonded permanently to Moo leather to create a natural and rustic blended journal, filled with 120 pgs of 100% recycled and Australian made paper, all bound in hemp thread. A completely Australian piece that truly stands out.

Sustainably sourced QLD Walnut boasts an impressive colour and variation of colour, ranging from a light pinky yellow, through to light and dark greys and browns. Each piece of Walnut used will be different and have it's own unique pattern, not two will ever be the same.
The veneer has been bonded to leather with a handmade blend of traditional glue, made from local materials. The leather is locally sourced vegetable tanned embossing sides. The unique hinge structure is created by cutting very thin slices through the veneer without penetrating the leather, allowing a controlled bend that is only possible with the glue I use to bond the piece together, stopping the slices from fraying or falling apart. The edges are finely burnished to prevent splits. The journal is very durable, the wood and leather have both been conditioned with Byron bound leather balm, a beeswax and oil mixture made from local bees and oil, suitable for both leather and timber. A free tin of Leather balm will be included for maintenance.

The closure features a solid brass stud, with an antique patina, and a dark tan dyed piece of moo leather attached with a solid brass rivet to easily and comfortably close the journal, while accenting the nice colours of the wood.

After careful consideration and study of ancient texts depicting leather bound binding structures, I have replicated these into a beautiful pattern that binds in a long stitch style using natural beeswax coated hemp twine, 120 pgs of 100% Australian made premium pale blue vellum with a slightly deckled edge. This beautifully textured writing paper accepts all inks willingly and with zero bleed. Overall this journal is the perfect companion to any adventurer.

As a completed product you will have a traditionally unique modern day relic which is 100% sustainable with all Australian materials, made to order just for you. Contact me if you have any special requests or would like extra paper bound into your journal.

Size : A6/A5
Pages : 120 writing surfaces
Cover: Sustainably sourced QLD Walnut veneer
Lining: Sustainably and ethically sourced Moo Leather
Coating: Byron bound Leather Balm
Paper: 110gsm Pale Blue Vellum 100% Recycled Australian Made
Binding: Variegated Hemp twine hand polished with Byron bay beeswax

Handmade to order


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