60ml Iron Gall Ink Jar

60ml Iron Gall Ink Jar



(not designed for use with fountain pens, oblique or straight pen holders only)

Iron Gall is one of the oldest inks in history, many of the manuscripts and ancient texts still intact today were written with Iron Gall. The ink is best suited for oblique pen holders with replaceable nibs as the ink is mildly acidic and will eat the nib over time.

I recreated Iron Gall researching recipes over 1000 years old to discover only the purest form of the ink. My reproduction ink is a blend of tannic acids, traditionally found in Walnut Galls, reacting with an iron solution to create an ink that writes watery grey and oxidises jet black.

There is the option of red and blue ink for this listing, achieved by filtering with aniline dyes, this creates an ink that writes blue or red and oxides black.

The jar is wax sealed for charm, there is a small tab to pull and open for the first time. Iron Gall will gradually thicken over time, simply add a few drops of distilled water to make the ink usable again if too thick. The ink lasts quite a long time.

Handcrafted in Byron bay

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